Denver Pet Photography, Camille and her wonderful dogs

I love Camille and her dogs!  We did some pictures outside in April and then finished up in the studio with these.  In 2012, I photographed her, Winky and Jack and I was so delighted to do it again!  It is always such a joy to work with her!  And these dogs! They are so stinking cute!  And so lucky to have such an amazing human that takes care of them like royalty!
Meet Winky, Jack and Chloe.  And I am not going to lie, getting these was not easy.  There was lots of chasing, begging, bribing, exasperations and sighs.  The idea of the sweet images of all three dogs together and with Camille quickly went out the window! 
I love this one!  Camille is such a good human to her dogs!  If there was a saint of Jack Russell Terriers, she would be it!
There was a lot of this...

Look!  We got all of them together!

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