Brighton High School Senior Pictures, Emma

Emma is one of my Senior Models, she is a junior, but soon - before you know it she will be a Senior!  I have done her family pictures before and she is always so adorable!  She has the greatest laugh and the most beautiful smile.  She is a little shy, but I can tell she has the biggest heart.  We had such a good time at the river with the sparklers!  There was so much time waiting for the sparklers to light -ugh! They were like the industrial strength or something.  We could have used a blow torch for some of them.
Emma's dog was so sweet and super curious about everything around!  I was surprised we were able to get a good picture!
 I love these in the river!  The light was amazing!

 I love these!  And Emma is one of the first people to get me with the water!  I always say don't worry about getting me wet and people do these little kicks, but not Emma!  She got me wet every single time!

 These two are so cute!  They are such good friends!
I love this one!

 There are so many things I could have done to make this better.  All I thought of after the fact.  But I still love the heart!

 I love these!  

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