Brighton Cousins pictures, Kristen's boys

I don't even know how I could pick my favorites from these!  They were all so amazing!  The personalities of all these boys is over the top!  I have done these boy's (except the little one, this is the first time I have met that little guy!  And oh my!) pictures since they were little it kind of makes me feel a tad bit old - here is one of my favorites from a few years ago!
There was a lot of this!  These boys are so rambunctious and absolutely adorable! 
 Look at this guy!  He is so adorable!
 I love this!

 I definitely learned some new dance moves!

 See!  Those moves!
 There are no words.  Just admiration. 

 I love, love, love this one!
 The funny thing about this next one is that during this week my husband was wounded on his face by falling art work on a Wednesday, on Friday my son passed out in gym class and one of his teeth went through his lip.  So on Sunday, the day of this session, I thought I should be extra careful because bad things come in threes and they seemed to happen every other day...  I was so unaware of the danger until one of the boys had a oh no moment and the rock he threw bounced off of something in the pond and was careening toward my head.  But my angels are the biker kind and that rock didn't even touch me - or that's what I told myself when I started breathing again. So far, my head remains wound free!

 He's the real deal people!  Superman look out!

I think this may be one of my favorites of the entire year!  Who doesn't love a screaming child holding on for dear life??

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