Prairie View Senior Pictures, Wilding

When I first met Wilding I knew his session was going to be amazing and one to remember!  He is such a vibrant character!  I love this kid!  He is so confident, although he assures me not as much as I think.  But either way, I think he is wrong.  Everyone has doubts and questions their confidence, but his level is far above most peoples!  I wish every teenager had this much confidence!  And partially how I know he has a high level of confidence is we did his pictures on CU's Boulder campus, on a Monday and he wasn't fazed by all the people walking around.  Most High School Seniors get nervous and self conscious when people are watching them get their pictures taken.

 He is such a happy young man!  It was contagious being around him!
 I loved all his banjos!  I really wish we could have spent another hour with just the banjos!

 I think these are some of my favorites!  Wilding was the perfect person to do this with!
 I love this one!

 I love this one too!

 I did not plan this image, it was more a checking the light kind of image.  But I love it!

 I am going to say that it is possible that Wilding's confidence may stem from his amazing mom!  She is definitely a very fun and crazy woman!
 And now the nice one.  Although if they order any of these, I hope it is the one above!

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