Brighton High School Senior Pictures, Alex

Here is another sneak peek of Alex!  She is just one of the sweetest!  We had such a great time at her friend Grace's barn, I love that Grace's dad put out some hay and their dog followed us around.  It was precious!

 I love this one!  I was a little worried because the wind had picked up and I thought we might have to reschedule, but it actually worked out!  I love how her dress is flaring up! 

 Here is Grace's sweet dog that really wanted to be in the pictures!  Such an amazing dog!
 I love the light!  It was just fun!

 Alex's cousin is so awesome!  He has come with her on 2 of her sessions and just is so sweet!  And ignore the dog paw... he was just so excited to have people down in the grass with him.

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