Golden Colorado Wedding, Kayla and Frankie

One of the things I love the most about weddings is that it reminds me how much love there really is in the world.  And Kayla and Frankie definitely have so much love for each other!  You can see it when they are around one another.  It is so sweet!  And they have so much love surrounding them too!  They have such great family and friends!
 These guys were such a blast!

 These girls are all so wonderful!  And not to sound too repetitve, but they are all so sweet!

 I adore that she had her dad and her step dad walk her down the aisle!

 I love it when grooms cry.  It really is the sweetest!

 I love these!  They are so sweet together!

 Don't mind the girl behind them... she was just trying to save the dress from getting too dirty.  Poor thing had to squat down there while the happy newly weds whispered sweet nothings to each other.  Now there's a story!

 Kayla is so stunning!

 The best thing about weddings is kids!  I so love the kids!

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