Broomfield Family Portraits, Andrea and Josh

Andrea and Josh's portrait session was like trying to start a car that didn't want to start.  It was going to rain.  It wasn't.  It was going to rain.  It wasn't.  And then it did.  A lot! So, I called around and the Courtyard by Marriott let us do them in their lobby!  They were a total savior and it was a beautiful place to do pictures!  I am so thankful for their generosity!  The girls had such a good time sitting in these space agey looking chairs and twirling around!  I love some of the decor, it was so different than what I usually see in a portrait shoot.  It was just fun and different - and best of all we stayed dry!
 These girls!  Oh my!  They are adorable!

 The baby was having so much fun standing and bouncing.  I love it when they are that age and the simplest things make them so happy!  
These chairs spin and I wasn't sure we could get any pictures done because there was some spinning and moving going on!  I probably should have included some of those pictures...

 I love this one!  They are such a cute family!
 One of my favorites.  I have a feeling it is often like this in their house!  And what great parents!  They were so patient - can you imagine going into a hotel lobby with 3 kids and all that stuff at their level to grab, touch and pull down??  They were so patient and chill.  I think I would have been a mess!
 As we were wrapping up, the sun came out, the rain stopped.  Weather sometimes!  But it allowed us to go out on the patio and do a few!  I was so glad, I really liked this spot.

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