Lafayette Portraits, Stephanie and Fred

What a lovely family!  When I first arrived there were 2 kids selling lemonade for their family to raise money for their foster animals -so adorably cute!  And it was an amazingly beautiful spot that Stephanie picked!  I also love that everyone was able to wear what they wanted.  It is wonderful for kids and teens to feel like they have some control over aspects of their lives!  So incredibly awesome!

 I love these in the grass!

 Emily had some great ideas about where to do pictures, I love that she was sharing them and really excited about doing pictures!
 These two are pretty amazing!  They are wonderful parents!

 I really like this spot!  Stephanie wanted to do something with the metal sculpture pieces, but it was so bright!  It was really hard to work around them on the west side.  I'm glad we were able to work something out here!
 I do like this, probably not what most people are wanting for a family photo.  But it is different and fun!

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