Denver Wedding Photography, Joelle and Larry

Joelle and Larry's wedding was such a simple, very quaint affair (on a very hot day! phew!  HOT!) - I have to say I love weddings like this (less heat maybe)!  I like how intimate and full of personality these weddings are!  And this was definitely full of happiness, tears and a boat load of laughter.  It was awesome!

 There was so much personality with these guys!  I could have spent hours with these three!

 I loved her flowers!  They are absolutely gorgeous!

 The thing I love about First Looks is that they are all so different.  These guys were so humorous and smiley, they could barely stop smiling!  It was very sweet!
 I loved how everyone there had something to do.  It was a perfect way to blend two families into one!  It was so touching how everyone supported each other in what they were doing!  I love to see that kind of support and love! xoxoxo!

 I love this one of them walking across the street!
 I had to share this picture - because those are all Larry's brothers.  I thought they were joking when they said the number 6.  And then it turned out to really be 6!  It was so hard to pick my jaw up off the bridge and continue photographing!  7 boys!  I will have to stop complaining about 3 kids.  Just 3 that is nothing compared to 7!  It was funny to listen to the jabbing and stories!  I bet it was a fun house to grow up in!
 They had their reception at Coohills in Denver and it was such a cute place!  And cool inside!  It was a bit warm that day (did I mention that?)

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