Denver Portraits, Donnah and Darian

I really love photographing couples!  It is so different from families or high school seniors.  All couples have a different dynamic and it is so fun to find out what and how they work together.  At first I was unsure how these two fit together, but then I realized how perfect they are for each other!  They are both so independent and very much their own persons.  I think this is what totally makes them work together and probably makes them flourish in their own selves! I was a little worried about Darian at first, I don't think he really wanted to do pictures or thought it would take more than 5 minutes. But once we started talking about food, he relaxed a little and we had a great time!  And if I ever need suggestions for food in other cities, he is the one I am asking!
Donnah has such an amazing sense of what looks good - she could make my painting sweatpants look good!  I love that she had ideas about what she thought looked good and shared them!  I always love to collaborate.  I may not see something that is really amazing - like the cafe with the cool black and white walls - the way someone else does.  I have done so many sessions at Union Station and never used that spot!
 I really love the colors!
 I love these on the train platform!  I love Donnah's laugh!  It is so genuine.

 Darian has such a great smile!

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