Golden Family Portraits, Crystal and Chris

On my way to Matthews/Winters park, there were dark clouds in that direction.  I was a little worried, but when I got to the park it wasn't too bad.  But as I was getting all my stuff together, big wet drops started dropping from the sky.  I was hoping it was the sky teasing me, but I was wrong.  It was a full out rain storm.  We waited a bit and then decided to go for it!  And I am so glad we did!  I love their pictures so much!  The light is beautiful and it was so much fun to have umbrellas in pictures again!

 I love these!  They are so sweet and absolutely adorable!

 This little girl is so lucky to have such wonderful parents!  They adore her so much!

 Even with the bubbles, we had a hard time trying to keep the baby from looking at all the dogs, blades of grass, clouds, sticks, and all the other distractions that could possibly distract a little one.  And even the bubbles weren't enough. There were still so many other things to look at! I love this so much about little ones! They are always so curious! What a cutie!

 What a happy little family!  I adore them!

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